Customized Enzymes

Why you need Customized Enzyme Products?

"Customer challenges are the substrates for our innovative customized enzyme solutions"

Lumis is a customer centric organization and we understand that each customer requirement is different in terms of products, performance and services. The most crucial factors include the ability to understand and translate customer requirements into product features and Lumis has successfully been able to exemplify this.

We recognize that the enzyme designed for feed ingredients used by a specific customer/country would not work efficiently on the feed composition/quality of another customer/country. Lumis not only pioneers in tapping/identifying this essential requirement of the feed industry but also specializes in customizing multi-enzymes as per the specific feed formulation.

The Lumis enzyme raw material wheel clearly indicates the enzyme required to break down a particular component of the feed ingredient. For eg. : Amylase enzyme would act on starch components present in feed ingredients such as rice, cassava, corn/DDGS, wheat/brans which are a source of energy. Similarly protease would act on protein sources such as soya, fish, meat, bone meals etc.

Lumis Enzyme Raw Material Wheel

Enzyme- raw material specificity


  Less essential
  Not Essential


How we Customize Enzyme Products?

Having understood the customer requirements precisely, our application specialists follow a series of protocols in establishing the "multi-enzyme complex":

Stage Protocol

1 Modern in-house developed automated software


Provides initial guidelines in determining the appropriate combination and ratio of enzymes, which are standardized for different proportion and quality of diet compositions and application conditions.

2 In-house technical experts / international nutritionists


Combined technical inputs from in-house experts and international nutritionists helps to optimize the new enzyme product further.

3 In-house developed enzyme efficacy visual test kits


The visual test kit developed by Lumis is the most accurate, reproducible and quickest means of simultaneously comparing different enzyme performances on the variety of raw materials by simulating the actual trial condtions on a lab-scale level.

4 Compatibility/stability studies


It is subjected to several compatibility tests using endogenous and exogenous enzymes. It also undergoes various stability tests in terms of pH, temperature, storage, packing etc.

5 Comprehensive large-scale trials


It is subjected to multiple successful feed trials under actual feed and trial conditions.

6 Cost-effectiveness/ Sustainability


It is developed as a highly cost competitive and sustainable enzyme solution.

7 Commercial Launch


It is finally launched commercially.



You benefit


Lumis offers multi-enzyme products with multiple Xylanases, Amylases, Proteases and other essential enzymes in appropriate ratio that helps you to choose from a wide variety of economical and easily available raw materials in your country. Since the enzyme combinations and ratios are specifically designed as per target feed ingredients, these complete enzyme solution make the most out of different feed raw materials which might be difficult to digest, e.g. corn can be replaced with wheat, cassava, rice etc. based on availability and price.

The benefits of Lumis customized multi-enzyme complexes are multi-fold and is a result of the unique concept incorporated in designing the product, which includes:

  • Multiple xylanases that works on both soluble as well as insoluble arabino -xylans.
  • Multiple proteases with endo and exo-peptidase activities that allows use of wide varieties of easily available protein sources of vegetable or animal origin. The multiple proteases are active over broad pH conditions, ensuring its stability in the fluctuating pH range inside the animal’s digestive system.
  • Multiple amylases provide flexibility in using different cost effective starch based raw materials for energy. It is effective against different starches and starches with higher amylose contents.

Lumis offers products that are wide pH stable and also highly thermo-stable. This allows use of the same product for either pellet type of feed or mash feeds without compromising on the stability and efficiency of the product.

Increase your profits:

The unique property of the Lumis multi-enzyme helps to release optimal nutrients from raw materials including not so easily digestible substrates. It helps to overcome the fluctuations in the quality and type of feed ingredients and combats the ever increasing feed prices as well as non-availability of some feed ingredients. This leads to substantial savings because of use of low cost raw materials and also minimizing the feed cost by maximum release and absorption of nutrients thus lowering feed conversion ratio.

Lumis also provides matrix for its enzyme, which can be utilized to your benefit by using it to formulate a low cost feed formulation.


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